We offer highest quality market research recruitment in Poland including consumers, physicians and B2B respondents. We also provide note taking, transcribing and simultaneous translation.


We offer highest quality experienced English speaking moderators. We can also support you with English report writing.


We provide outstanding catering including great coffee and tea, light snacks and full dinner dishes served on plates. We can follow any dietary requirements and we provide excellent service.

Eye tracking

We offer latest eye tracking technology which measures exactly where a respondent looks as they interact with a stimulus.

Our eye tracking methodology can be used for testing of any type of media and stimulus, including: websites, software, video games, TV programming, movies, commercials, promotional materials packaging and print advertising.


We offer latest neuromarketing equipment using EEG technology allowing our clients to track brain response while respondents are exposed to stimuli. Neuromarketing can be very effective in ad testing.